Terra Firma Lightweight pit lids don’t just reduce the risks of lifting heavy access covers they ELIMINATE them. We have effectively engineered manual handling risks out of lifting access covers.

Increased safety for workers:

Operational Health & Safety (OH&S) is serious consideration. Heavy concrete or metal pit lids are a real manual handling hazard. A typical single concrete cover weighs around 120kg!

Reduced maintenance costs:

Lightweight pit lids are also quicker and easier to install and inspect, saving time and reducing installation and maintenance costs. Having to use a maintenance crew and a crane truck creates expense and ties up resources that could be used more effectively.

If you would like to experience the lightest yet strongest access cover available, contact Terra Firma Pit Lids today or visit our products page for more information.

Watch our short video on the findings from Deakin University, which highlights how Terra Firma light weight pit lids can reduce the risk your workers are exposed to on a daily basis.

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