The Composite Advantage

Terra Firma composite covers solve many of the problems caused by traditional iron, concrete pit lids and manhole covers. Our composite lids won’t crack, corrode, or break your back!

Terra Firma E-class in-road access cover

Lightweight Pit Lids for safer workers


Terra Firma Lightweight pit lids don’t just reduce the risks of lifting heavy access covers they ELIMINATE them. We have effectively engineered manual handling risks out of lifting access covers.

Increased safety for workers:

Operational Health & Safety (OH&S) is serious consideration. Heavy concrete or metal pit lids are a real manual handling hazard. A typical single concrete cover weighs around 120kg!

Reduced maintenance costs:

Lightweight pit lids are also quicker and easier to install and inspect, saving time and reducing installation and maintenance costs. Having to use a maintenance crew and a crane truck creates expense and ties up resources that could be used more effectively.

If you would like to experience the lightest yet strongest access cover available, contact Terra Firma Pit Lids today or visit our products page for more information.

Watch our short video on the findings from Deakin University, which highlights how Terra Firma light weight pit lids can reduce the risk your workers are exposed to on a daily basis.

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Tougher stronger Pit Lids last longer


  • Terra Firma composite fibreglass pit lids are designed for high structural performance and an extended working life.
  • Terra Firma pit lids have a much higher strength to weight ratio compared to traditional metal or concrete covers. Our stronger but lighter pit covers are all tested to Australian and/or International Standards and subject to a thorough quality testing regime.
  • Terra Firma pit lids are able to bear loads up to 400kN or forty ton. We have a range of manhole covers to suit your needs
  • All our access covers meet appropriate load standards (AS3996 or EN124).
    Our lids range from Class B pedestrian applications up to Class E 400kN in-road access covers.

If you want to know which pit lid is right for your location contact Terra Firma today or visit our products page.

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Keep your underground assets safer


  • Terra Firma access covers not only reduce the risk of falls into pits, they provide security against theft and malicious damage. Terra Firma’s Fail-Safe locking systems ensure a correctly fitted lid can never be left unlocked.
  • Terra Firma Endurotek access covers now features the patented Slam-Lock. The Slam-Lock engages automatically and as a result Endurotek pit lids can simply be dropped into locked position without using a key.

The Terra Firma Classic range lock engages when the key is removed. The Classic range key can’t be removed if the lid isn’t locked.

All Terra Firma pit keys are designed and tested to reduce muscle stress when in use. Reduced muscle stress results in reduced risk of back and neck injury for workers.

Click here to download the Deakin University Report and learn how Terra Firma products are ergonomically tested. For more details on our locking systems and pit keys contact us or visit our products page.

If you would like to view our lifting aids, click here

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Reduced breakages, lower maintenance costs

Terra Firma Composite Manhole Covers offer Whole-of-life savings and more

Terra Firma access covers are structurally and wear tested in to meet and exceed AS 3996 standards at NATA accredited testing facilities. Available in load ratings ranging from B-Class to C, D & E-Class.

Whole-of-life refers to the total cost of ownership of an asset. Many councils and contractors focus on the up-front capital costs of pit lids, and do not consider things such as the longer-term costs of the covers as assets.

What costs should you consider when selecting pit lids?

  • Purchase price
  • Installation cost
  • Life expectancy and breakages
  • Replacement costs
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Downtime on roads and service interruption during installation
  • Maintenance or replacements
  • Sustainability
  • Public liability

Terra Firma composite fibreglass access covers can save millions of dollars. Here are some scary statistics to prove it, (Case study by Lancaster University).

Contact us to learn how Terra Firma pit lids combat the long-term costs associated with concrete and ductile iron.

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Reduce fire and electrocution risk

Terra Firma non-conductive manhole covers prevent sparking, shorting and electrocution.

Terra Firma composite pit covers insulate – Iron covers conduct!

Electrical safety is a top priority in petroleum forecourts, tunnels, pedestrian areas and enclosed spaces. The risk of sparking, shorting, electrocution and fire are even worse when flammable or conductive liquids are involved – think petrol or water.

That’s what makes old-fashioned conductive iron covers so dangerous. One stray spark when opening a petroleum tank access cover could result in disaster. Even the traffic signal covers we find in most pedestrian footpaths pose an electrocution risk. Especially if the wiring they contain is damaged and comes into contact with rain.

The best way to prevent the risk of sparking and electrocution is to eliminate electrically conductive materials entirely.

Terra Firma non-conductive composite access covers are available in B, C, D & E-Class strength ratings to suit a complete range of applications. We also tailor-make non-conductive pit lids to meet almost any requirement.

Contact us to learn how Terra Firma pit lids can help you combat the sparking and electrocution risks associated with old-fashioned iron covers.

Keep pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists safe

Terra Firma pit lids meet and exceed non-slip ratings for improved public safety

Traditional iron and concrete covers become dangerously slippery when wet. Even when they’re dry they can still pose a slip risk due to the lack of surface structure. If you’re a cyclist or motorcyclist in heavy traffic this risk could easily become life-threatening.

With Terra Firma designed access covers we want you to look at slip risk differently.

We've all seen them; simple, elegant, designs that solve problems and improve life in ways we hadn't imagined.

Terra Firma pioneered the truly non-slip lid with our classic ‘gritted top’ range. However, it was when we introduced our elegant Terra Firma Endurotek ranges's unique, artist designed, 'rain and waves' surface pattern that the game really changed. Terra Firma Endurotek isn't simply an original and beautiful enhancement to the streetscape. The copyright 'rain and waves' integrated surface design has been tested to the highest non-slip rating for enhanced safety. To top it all off the stunning 'rain and waves' pattern elegantly and effectively sends an ongoing water quality message reminding communities to protect our waterways.

To compliment the 'rain and waves' water quality message you can tailor the 'Drains to our waterways' dolphin logo to meet local requirements.

These simple, elegant designs work to keep pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists safe as well as protecting our precious waterways at the same time – proving, design matters!

To learn more about the best non-slip option for you contact Terra Firma today.

Radio Friendly
Future-proof assets and access to IoT

Terra Firma radio transparent access covers make sending signals simple.

Keeping track of your valuable assets is simpler than ever. Unlike traditional concrete or iron manhole covers which block radio signals Terra Firma composite covers can be configured to allow radio transmission and can enable access to the IoT (internet of things).

For example, as part of network wide improvements to the Melbourne tramways, all trams are now fitted with RFID tags to electronically identify and track trams, allow automatic track allocation and streamline maintenance and stabling. ​

RFID antenna’s need to be safely housed in in-road pits. Conventional ductile iron or concrete infill covers are not transparent to radio waves and are too heavy to lift for maintenance activities. ​​

Pit covers need to be transparent to radio frequencies. Gas tight, water tight, lightweight, easy to inspect, able to withstand heavy vehicle traffic, and should enable easy access to the IoT.

Terra Firma met all of these needs with high-tech, high-strength, IoT-friendly access covers.

Terra Firma, working in partnership with IoTStream, can really help you to get the better performance and future-proof your assets.

According to Ashley Reid, CEO of Terra Firma “There is massive potential for IoT to address a range of problems seen in underground services. Whether it is monitoring water flows, pollution, service status, location information or access and security; IoT can deliver efficiencies and cost savings to a wide range of utilities.”

Stephen Argyropolous, CEO of IoTSream notes: “Terra Firma … has a ‘bricks and mortar’ appreciation of the challenges faced by providers of underground services. Combined with IoTStream’s strong IoT platform and deep technical understanding we believe we can create a unique offering for customers.”

Terra Firma can deliver integrated solutions using embedded sensors to collect data on equipment status and the underground environment. IoTStream's StreamVue platform provides sensor management and data aggregation. StreamVue then populates a dashboard to enable data driven decision making.

​Contact Terra Firma today to future-proof your underground assets.

Rust Free
Eliminate rust and fusion problems

Terra firma non-corrosive manhole covers improve ease of access to save time and money

How many times have you wasted hours trying to open a stubborn, corroded ductile iron pit cover?

Getting corroded, fused into their frame, ductile iron lids open not only wastes productive maintenance time it also puts workers at higher risk of injury.

Worse still, these old-corroded covers are usually found in busy, heavy-traffic locations that are exposed to all of the elements. Places like busy motorways, petrol station forecourts and in the middle of major roads.

These are all the places where quick, efficient inspection and maintenance is a must. Long major road shut-downs, expensive overnight works and risky access in petroleum environments are all the result of difficult-to-access corroded manhole covers that fuse into their frames and fail as a result.

Composites don’t corrode! Using Terra Firma in-road covers guarantees quick and reliable access to underground assets. Easy access not only offers reduce maintenance time and costs but limits traffic disruptions and keeps works crews safer.

Terra Firma non-corrosive, composite access covers are structurally and wear tested to meet AS 3996 standards at NATA accredited testing facilities. Available in load classes ranging from B, C to D & E

Contact us now to learn how Terra Firma pit lids can combat the costs and risks associated with corroded ductile iron covers.