Terra Firma Industries meets challenges with innovation. Terra Firma have developed Fire Shield access covers that are retrofit solutions which meets stringent tunnel requirements. By utilising existing frames, we can help you avoid very costly and disruptive platform works, we also help eliminate the need for concrete cutting to minimise dust.


  • Traditional heavy pit lids failed to meet modern OH&S standards.
  • Cracking & failure of lids and surrounding tiles
  • Broken lifting points
  • Heavy and difficult to access
  • Disruptive in a confined area
  • Dangerous and time consuming to inspect pits
  • After inspection steel framing gets distorted, becomes a trip hazard to the high pedestrian area


Terra Firma Fire Shield access covers are developed specially for tunnel projects. Terra Firma Fire Shield pit lids exceeds NCC Flame Spread Resistance by 800% and Smoke Emission Performance by 300%.