TerraGrate offers an extensive range of the highest quality FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) products.

TerraGrate FRP Grating is one of the most versatile products available to the civil and construction industries. TerraGrate FRP outperforms traditional materials for safety, corrosion and chemical resistance, fire and smoke protection, versatility, durability, stability and ease of handling.

TerraGrate FRP can be used for anti-slip floors, walkways and footpaths, operation platforms, docks, ramps, and even stairs. It’s suitable for most environments including marine, chemical, electrical, water, oil, has and general indoor and outdoor applications. TerraGrate is available in a wide variety of sizes, strengths, colours and configurations including Pultruded, Standard Moulded, Mini or Micro Mesh, and Solid Top sheeting.

We can cut to size or tailor-make a solution for your unique project. If you want to learn more, visit the TerraGrate website. To speak to one of our expert technical team, or to make an order, call us directly on 03 9357-1230.