The Quick Guide to Implementing AS3996:2019

Change, as we know, always comes with some challenges. As to be expected, the recent changes to the AS3996:2019 Standard for Access Covers and Grates has thrown up a few new challenges for specifiers, designers, purchasers, installers and end users.

Because Terra Firma Industries was instrumental in writing composites into the new standard, we understand the challenges better than anyone. 

Although not a complete list, some of these issues include: 

  • How to recognise what has changed from the old standard 
  • How to interpret and apply the new requirements 
  • Understanding performance-based measures and what this means for me 
  • Understanding the new performance requirements for the new standard 
  • How to get lasting value from the changes and how to communicate that value 
  • How to best move the standards from paper to practice 

That’s why we have created our latest ‘Quick Guide’. The Quick Guide to Implementing AS3996:2019.

You CAN navigate the challenges! You can get answers to those difficult questions about interpreting and implementing the standards. You can get help designing and building projects that outperform the competition. You can get information on our range of fully compliant products and you can even get training to help you and your team make the most of implementing the recent changes. 

Click the link below to access your personal copy of The Terra Firma Industries Quick Guide to Implementing AS3996:2019 now.