Road Access Covers & Manhole Covers



Heavy, noisy dangerous ductile iron road manhole covers have an average life expectancy of only five years in road environments. A European study shows that, 85% of all ductile iron manhole covers on heavily trafficked routes have failed in some way*.  

Ductile iron covers are also heavy and difficult to lift. To top this off this they suffer corrosion which makes opening and replacing them even tougher.

All of this comes with a cost in installation, breakages, replacements, OH&S, road closures, service interruptions, maintenance, sustainability and public liability.

These problems are only getting worse as traffic and load levels continue to increase.


Terra Firma D/E-Class in-road pit lids:

Are so durable they come with a 15-year product guarantee

Manufactured using precision moulds specifically designed to remove rocking and wear and to eliminate the risk of lids spinning out of position

Are built without a galvanic series between the cover and frame so that the problem of corrosion is eliminated

Weigh approximately one-third of cast iron

Reduce OH&S injuries to workers replacing and installing pit lids

Can bear loads of up to 400kN

Are structurally and fatigue tested – and meet European EN 124 D400 standards

Are secure and lockable, as well as retaining permanent anti-slip through their working life


At Terra Firma we work with our clients to solve the challenges of each project. See a range of road projects below where our products have solved the problems associated with old ductile iron covers .

*Research conducted by WRc

Vic Roads M80 upgrade