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Drain, manhole and pit covers need to be versatile not only in shape, frame and size, but also in their ability to suit difficult and problem sites. Large pits may require many lids to cover the area – particularly in areas such as pump stations.

Terra Firma composite-fibreglass pit covers are a lightweight solution with fully removable frames for a clear opening and ease of access. From simple two-part covers to large multipart systems, Terra Firma’s unique patented framing systems offer a flexible solution. Nothing is impossible! We’ve got you covered!


*Please note we can also manufacture to a large range of colours and sizes, or match any sample depending on quantity.

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High structural performance
Independently tested to AS3996

Available in B-Class 80kN and C-Class 150kN.

 Secure and lockable

Turning mechanism protects the pit from vandalism and unauthorised access. Terra Firma long-life special stainless-steel locks are designed to stay clear of dirt and grit.

One Man Maintenance

A lightweight lid with one-man lifting mechanism allows single person maintenance and cleaning, saving dollars and injuries.

Permanent anti-slip

Tested to AS 4586:2004 V rating, the highest non-slip rating for pedestrian zones. The surface is integrated during the manufacturing process with open texture to resist dirt build-up and ensure non-slip resistance throughout working life.


Terra firma composite lids will not corrode when in contact with other materials. Unaffected by sand, salt and all chemicals met in road environments.

Electrically non-conductive

Will no conduct electricity, eliminating stray voltage problems

Transparent to radio waves
Allows use of modern, radio-transmitted asset management and metering systems.

Flexible Designs & Colours
Available in assorted colours and sizes to suit any streetscape


Winner: 2011 Award for Sustainable Initiatives, Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence

Nominated: 2011 WorkSafe Awards (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIPWRtAOdRs)

Junction Frame

Side Entry Frame

 Available in various framing materials including composites, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanised.

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