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  • Terra Firma Litter guards prevent rubbish washing into waterways and drains
  • Terra Firma Gutter guard and self watering tree pit

Why should all councils use litter guards on stormwater drainage pits?

Urban areas across Australia contribute 20-40kg of gross pollutants to stormwater per hectare, per year. For large Australian cities, this equals 60,000 tonnes or 2 billion items of litter annually!

Councils across Australia work hard to stop litter from entering our waterways, but regular pit inspections, maintenance and cleaning can be costly. With environmental concerns becoming a bigger focus, many councils are wondering how they can improve their drainage systems without increasing costs?

That’s why Terra Firma developed adjustable, long-life stainless steel gutter guards for use with our lightweight, composite pit lids. Designed to prevent litter from entering our waterways, this leading product:

  • Prevents up to 80% of litter which would otherwise be destined for waterways;
  • Minimises the frequency of inspections and cleaning required;
  • Minimises the cost of maintenance as inspections become faster; and
  • Expands to fit a variety of size openings, making installation a breeze

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