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Endurotek Cover Lids

The Terra Firma Endurotek range offers a tough, durable product which is great value for money and packed with new innovations and features. The Endurotek technology has been developed by Terra Firma with a uniquely formulated compound to ensure the product retains shape and gives years of great service. Moulded as a single, solid thermoset structure Terra Firma Endurotek pit lids take safety and reliability to the next level.

Installation is also easier and quicker! The Terra Firma Slam Lock ™ ensures lids are always locked and secure. No need to use a key to lock the lid, just drop the lid into the frame and the Slam Lock does the rest. Terra Firma manhole covers fitted with Slam Lock are quicker and easier to install. The Terra Firma Slam Lock is built to lock within the frame. The innovative system eliminates the need to form a lock cavity in pit walls.

Terra Firma Endurotek can be opened using most common keys – including all Telstra and standard ductile lifting keys lifters. Endurotek completely eliminates the need for specialist keys while the slam lock ensures lids are never left unlocked again.

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Self-locking Slam Lock

Our new patented Slam Lock removes the need to lock the lid using a key, ensures lids are never inadvertently left unlocked. Compatible with both Telstra and Gatic style lifters.

Stronger, Tougher, More Durable

High structural performance
Independently tested to AS3996:2006 Class B 80kN
Our tough new long fibre reinforced thermoset composite covers take safety and reliability to the next level. Precision moulded in a single piece to ensure an integrated reliable structure

One-man maintenance – Lightweight

A lightweight lid with one-man lifting mechanism allows single person maintenance and cleaning, saving dollars and injuries. The lift and drag method of removing lids is backed by university research as the safest way to open lids.

Logo customisation  

Your logo or message can be included on the cover. (Note: set up charges and minimum quantities may apply)

Permanent anti-slip

Tested to AS 4586:2004 P5 rating, the highest non-slip rating for pedestrian zones. The surface is integrated during the manufacturing process with open texture to resist dirt build-up and ensure non-slip resistance throughout working life.


Composite lids will not corrode when in contact with other materials. Unaffected by sand, salt and all chemicals met in road environments.

Electrically non-conductive

Will no conduct electricity, eliminating stray voltage problems

Transparent to radio waves

Radio Frequency Compatible. Allows use of modern, radio-transmitted asset management and metering systems.


Non-combustible with high fire resistance properties (typically V2 rating)

Colour Availability:

Special configurations:

  • Junction Frame
  • Side Entry Frame
  • Concrete Encased
  • Concrete Surround Frame
  • Reinforced Lintels
  • B2 & SM2 Grate

Available in various framing materials including composites, aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanized.

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