Some methods to protect workers from injury are more reliable than others. How effective different risk reduction strategies are is usuually measured using the OH&S Hierarchy of Controls. The Hierarchy ranks some types of risk reduction strategies above others. For example, it’s better to remove the hazard entirely rather than introduce a bunch of laws or practice guidelines to try to reduce risk. People take shortcuts and safe practice guidelines only work if they’re used. Even if guidelines are used reliably they don’t offer full protection – accidents happen.

Old-fashioned access covers come with a whole range of risks due to their material, weight and designs. Opening really heavy concrete or corroded iron manhole covers put workers at continuous risk. The most common injuries from opening heavy and corroded, old-style manhole covers are damage to backs, fingers, hands and shoulders. When working with concrete and iron access covers, protective clothing and work practice guidelines can only provide limited safety.

Terra Firma has re-imagined pit lid OH&S from an engineering perspective and completely revolutionised the way we think about safety.

Click here to watch the video and learn why Kevin Netto of Deakin University thinks Terra Firma pit lids are a revolution in safety