Road and traffic authority VicRoads has completed the first stage of the M80 Ring Road Tulla Sydney Alliance (TSA) Upgrade Project. The $2.25 billion M80 Upgrade created extra lanes, improved interchange layouts, and installed an electronic freeway management system to improve safety and reduce travel times on the Ring Road.

The Ring Road carries up to 142,000 vehicles per day, including more than 22,000 trucks. As one of the state’s busiest major arterials, VicRoads considered ongoing maintenance needs when choosing products and designing the upgrade.

In the development phase of the M80 Ring Road, Metro North West (MNW) identified three major failings of standard concrete pit lids over side entry pits (SEP); high rates of failure, high risk of injury, and high costs of maintenance.

To tackle the problems that were identified, VicRoads set up a team to identify potential solutions. Ultimately, Terra Firma's composite pit lids were identified as the best alternative to overcome their challenges.

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